About Agata Wierzejska

Agata Wierzejska is your trusted trading partner in Refined edible oils, Sugar, Pulses , Spices , and Arabica Coffee bean and many more. Our strength of  success lies in an innovative approach to selling processed products as a strategic partner with vast and well-established relationships worldwide. Our expert multinational trading teams possess countless years of experience in sourcing quality and cost competitive products around the world while also customizing the products to be market-ready.
Agata Wierzejska utilizes its strength in developing a portfolio of value-added products and marketing them globally.


Due to the development on the food sector in Europe without national borders, the interest of the consumer in safe food increases.
Food scandals have caused uncertainty and confusion. By offering a large range of products the consumer’s main interest lies in food safety and harmlessness for the health, besides quality and price, indulgence and nutritional value of the food.


Our products are shipped via Lorry, Railway as well as Containers to the respective markets. We have an in-house railway connection as well as a direct water connection and is therefore linked to the important water ways in Europe.
We are pleased introducing you individual logistical solutions on request.
Lorry 28-32 palettes depending on type of vehicle and country-specific

Why choose Agata Wierzejska

  • Timely Delivery
  • Product Training
  • Best quality product
  • Soil Sampling/Testing
  • Customers relation team
  • Customers helpline No.
  • Best Dealer/Distributor award
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